Prohammer Plus Cookies & BCAA & L-Glutamine

Protein:30% Fiber:High GMO:Free
Preservatives:No Artificial colorings:No Artificial flavorings:No

You will love this sweet, cookies and milk taste in a soft protein bar texture with crisps in it.

Prohammer Plus Cookies is a protein bar with balance nutrition, tempting flavor, soft texture and surprisingly crispy balls. 

It will make every bite as delicious as your cravings.
Prohammer Plus Cookies protein bar is with 30% protein and with added BCAA & L-Glutamine.

On the one hand, the added BCAA helps to increase muscle growth and decrease muscle soreness after a workout, and on the other added L-glutamine is to help lose weight, burn fat and build muscle.

This protein bar is the right choice after or right before workouts.