Prohammer Plus Chocolate flavor & Taurine & Cafeine

Protein:30% Fiber:High GMO:Free
Preservatives:No Artificial colorings:No Artificial flavorings:No

This is a protein bar for all the chocolate lovers and is an ideal snack replacement that helps you to stay away from unhealthy dessert alternatives and take care of your fitness growth.

Its Crunchy taste make Prohammer Plus Chocolate flavor protein bar irresistible.

Prohammer Plus Chocolate flavor is with 30% protein and with added Taurine which have several health benefits and help to improve sports performance. It will help you increase fat burning during exercise  and may aid weight loss by increasing your body’s use of fat for fuel.

The other added supplement is caffeine which stimulates brown fat cells causing them to burn more calories. This increases the overall metabolic rate.
Please note that this bar is with high caffeine content and is not recommended for children, pregnant and breast − feeding women.